Fad Nazareth is the debut E.P. brought to you by a young Boise band called Virgil. It’s a mish mosh of rock sounds: folksy, bluesy, a touch of psychadelia. It’s rock’n’roll and it’s good. But there’s mystery…Who is Virgil? Why Fad Nazareth? Most intriguing: Where are they headed? Not them so much—but their sound.

Fad is just a taste. A snapshot. A girl sings, a guy sings, there’s guitars, drums, keys. The songs are there too. A variety of songs. “As the Crow Flies” begins the proceedings. It sets the tone heavy and full of menace, but four songs later “Fire” rolls around and you’re in a different place completely: a dance party for people who don’t feel like dancing. It’s a collection of tunes searching for the common thread. What is it that makes Virgil, Virgil? We may not know until the band makes a full length recording. They may not know yet either. Of course the not knowing is part of the thrill as mystery brings with it surprise. Will Virgil be a jam band with its feet firmly planted in the past? Indie darlings? An edgy act trying to find something completely different within the notes and nuances of rock in the here and now?

There’s really only one way to find out. Stop reading this garbage and support the band. Buy the EP, get out to a show, scream your guts out and allow the mystery to unfurl as Virgil becomes Virgil.

-Chris Lopez of Classic Rock Liberation

Thanks for a rad time, Treefort 2014. 

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